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Government requirements and consumer demands for more food information put pressure on businesses and technology to keep pace. Transparency and traceability requirements continue to evolve, making it a challenge to provide crucial food sourcing ingredients, nutrition facts and allergens for consumer trust and loyalty.

Syndigo’s Active Content Engine solves this challenge by providing the accurate information and efficient platform for restaurants to instantly publish nutrition data to online, mobile and digital menu boards in order to maintain compliance with the FDA menu labeling regulations.

With added safeguards, including on-staff registered dietitians and advanced algorithms for automated error checking, Syndigo is the confident choice of restaurants and food operators today.

Product Information

Give consumers the transparency they desire with comprehensive nutrition facts, ingredient lists, country of origin/assembly and allergen information.

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GDSN Product Content

Align with GS1-certified global GDSN product content, ensuring traceability and better efficiency from your supply chain to the consumer.

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Nutrition Information

Provide for consumer choice, allowing them to search, sort, publish and personalize nutrition and allergen information with one of our intuitive and interactive tools.

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Syndigo is the global leader for validated core and enhanced digital product content including deep nutritional data, and GDSN data across the largest network of 1,750+ retailers, distributors and trading partners, including over 12,000+ manufacturer and suppliers.


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Hear From Our Clients

We’ve chosen to use Syndigo (formerly Riversand) PIM as the backbone of our product information, serving different custom-built tools with structured product information. With Syndigo PIM, we’ve removed data inconsistencies and can introduce new products in a structured way with workflows that fit our needs.
Peter Kjellman
Product Manager for Internal Tools
Greg Palese
Most online data aggregators push requirements out from distribution/retail without concern for the downstream affects on manufacturers. Syndigo is always cognizant of how changes affect vendors and works with them to manage the process.
Greg Palese
VP of Marketing, Klein Tools
Christian Beckers
Syndigo has a broad view on the markets, on the trends, on how other multinational brands like us are handing this so they can bring in lessons learned and best practices on how we can really achieve our vision.
Christian Beckers
Global Digital Program Lead, PXM
Trond Aske, CIO, BAMA Gruppen AS
Since implementing Syndigo, we have eliminated data inconsistencies by leveraging rules and artificial intelligence,” Trond said. “In addition, while hours spent by our teams on data manipulation tasks have been reduced by 60%, BAMA can introduce new products to the market 70% faster than before. We are extremely satisfied, and we are looking to see what else we can achieve with Syndigo’s flexible, yet robust and future-proof solution.
Trond Vidar Aske
Anne-Laure Portrait
Syndigo is a tool that enables us to optimize data recording and control. The quality of product data and supplier data is essential to our good operation. It also makes it possible to provide the documents or images required for everyone’s work without burdening our information systems architecture.
Anne-Laure Portrait
Referential Manager
Moncef Gharbi

Hear From Our Clients

Stora Enso, a leading renewable materials company, successfully implemented Syndigo MDM’s CX360 offering, gaining valuable insights of customers and suppliers. The integration with Dun & Bradstreet improved data validation and reconciliation. The implementation of the MVP resulted in enriched data blocks, reduced data inconsistency and visually appealing representation of corporate hierarchies.
Moncef Gharbi
Director, Finance Excellence
Things like hotspots, things like product tours, new carousels, below the fold experiences, videos…it just makes the whole experience of buying something online that much more reassuring, and you feel confident you’re getting the product you want.
Courtney Cheevers
Digital Content Specialist
I’m a big fan of Syndigo’s UX, it’s powerful and intuitive. We have also had great internal support from the Syndigo team, I appreciate that our feedback on certain things has been solicited and overall, it’s been positive.
Holly Pitel
Digital Shelf Analyst
Selecting Syndigo with its future proof PIM, eliminated the risk of a disruptive and costly upgrade later.
Alex Ives
Head of Business & Enterprise Architecture

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